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You know the saying if it sounds too good to be true, then it truly is. I have been blogging off and on for the last nine years before I knew this is my true calling. I’ve been on numerous free blogging platforms, to get my feet wet and to see if I’m going to like the new space that I’m in. I’m far from an expert, each Friday; I’m going to showcase what I’m calling BFF aka Blogging Failure Friday; and hope it will save you some time in your blogging journey.

Yeah, I know there are numerous posts on how to start a blog, how to blog for income, but this series will be coming from personal failures that I experience along my blogging journey. 

Your Mom, aka Pinterest: We love sharing everything with our mom. The good and the bad. When I first discover Pinterest, I just did that. I shared everything, like I would and never thought about my blog. The first six month’s my Pinterest boards were all over the place and didn’t really speak to anyone of my reader’s.  I am pleased with the book (The Power of Visual Storytelling), this book helped me get my Pinterest page from 0 fans to 415 followers as of today and it still grows daily since August 2014. This is a quote that stuck with me as I was reading the book, ” The people in your audience don’t want to be broadcasted to: they want to be part of a conversation-and to feel like you’re listening. So, I create a plan for my Pinterest board and deleted all pins and started over. 

A blogger is just like any other business, you have to know if all the work you putting out; it’s going to bring you some success and to reach your target market; so they can read your blog on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Here are my Top eight Stats I learned from this book.

  1. With a mere 1% of Facebook’s user count, Pinterest sends 13% of the traffic that Facebook does.
  2. 80% of users are female, and lifestyle, hobby, crafts, and design are the most popular themes.
  3. Sephora says its Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than their Facebook fans.
  4. Pinterest now drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and Linkedin combined.
  5. 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from Pinterest.
  6. The average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site, compared to 2.5 hours on Tumblr and 7 hours on Facebook.
  7. Out of 17 million brand engagements, 15% occurred on the brand’s boards and 85% occurred elsewhere on Pinterest.
  8. Moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the Average American.

As a blogger, it’s important that you have a business account for your Pinterest page, so you can track to see where your pins stand on Pinterest. If you don’t want to keep track of two boards, you can convert your current account with the following steps. 

  • Log into your account
  • Go to Pinterest for Business
  • Click Convert Now
  • Fill out the information and click Convert

To set up a brand new Pinterest for your blog. Follow these steps

  • If you have a personal account, log out
  • Go to Pinterest for business and click Join As a Business
  • Fill out the details of your business and the person who will be managing this account
  • Read the terms and acknowledgement and click create account

Then you will be able to see your analytics and this will become your bible on what’s working for your blog. I check my numbers on Pinterest every Friday. Pinterest breaks down in three categories, such as Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience, Your webpage (if you have confirmed it on your page).

Your Pinterest Profile is very important because it tells you Average daily impressions and daily users. As you can see below my avg. daily impressions is 762, I’m up 84.90% and my avg. daily users are 428, I’m up 152.04% from last week. It also tells you what your top pin impressions were as well. 

my blog aka my blog failure friday


It also tells you stats on your repins as well. As you can see for the week, my avg. daily repins were 25 and I was up 233.33% for the week and I had an avg of 15 daily repinners and I was up 183.33%


As you can see, I need to improve on my clicks from my website. My avg daily clicks are 2 and it up 50% and my avg daily vistor from my website is 2 up 50%. S, my goal is to make sure I have Pinterest worthy pins worth sharing on my blog. 

screencapture-analytics-clicks-pinterest-com-profile (1)

 My favorite part of this page is to see my All-time. This is where Pinterest breaks down your most repins and pins that rank higher in search. My cupcake craft got the most repins.

all-time screencapture-analytics-pinterest-com-profile (1)


Pinterest gives you all the tools you need to make sure you are reaching your target market.

Here are some facts Facts and Figures to think about as well. 

  • If you want followers to engage with your pins, make sure to like, follow, repin and comment on other people’s images
  • Pinterest is all about creativity and having fun, so think about the lighter side of your brand. Southwest Airlines has boards about plane-related crafts and plane party ideas
  • Your board should stand out if they are going to attract followers. Choosing a strong theme and great images are obviously central to this, but so is giving it a snappy title to attract people’s attention

Some of my blog failure’s that I had on my Pinterest board.

  • Not liking pins
  • Not commenting on other people’s pins
  • Not having a strong title or the description of my boards
  • Having my boards all over the place, still working on putting it in abc order this month. 
  • Not having a seasonal board
  • Not having a Pin-It button on images on my website
  • Not putting every graphic I post on my blog on to Pinterest
  • Not thinking about my readers
  • Not giving out anything about my blog
  • Not having group boards

Next week, I’ll be blogging about my failure on Pinterest, for reaching audience and group boards. 

What are your Pinterest Fails this week?

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  1. rochkirstin says:

    I haven’t started posting pins on Pinterest because I don’t know what my focus would be. There are so many interesting things, but just like what you’ve said, it’s nice if I can have a target set for an audience.

  2. Chrystal @ YUM eating says:

    I have a lot of Pinterst boards, but when you look at my profile you’ll see the top ones are all for my foodie site. My other blogs only have 1 board. I have some random ones, but for the most part they all tie into everything. I have had mine since the beta stages so I have no desire to delete anything and start over.

  3. Kori says:

    I had started to reorganize my Pinterest boards but never finished. I really need to pay more attention to Pinterest because when I do, it tends to be one of my highest sources of traffic.

  4. Mary O'Malley says:

    This is really great information! I was actually looking in to making a Pinterest for my blog soon so this was perfect timing with your post. Thank you so much for the helpful information!

  5. Lauren says:

    I absolutely love pinterest! I think it is so important to use pinterest if you are a blogger! It’s my favorite social media other than instagram!

  6. JEANINE says:

    I’ve just recently gotten into pinterest. And I try to repin others as well as my own as often as I can but this week I’ve been a little bit behind and haven’t done much of anything!

    • MrsMapp says:

      I’ll be talking about Google+ soon. To get the most out of Pinterest, set up a business account and start finding your inspiration. Right before you know it, you will love it.

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