“Carrie”a Rose: A Mother’s Day Mission

This article is presented to you by “Carrie” a Rose to a Mother

This is what Mother’s Day means to me! 

  My mother, the late Carrie C, was a very giving, kind hearted human being. She always taught me to be kind and generous to people at all times. She would always take time out of her hectic work schedule to feed the homeless, provide care packages for them with her own funds. She would explain in her motherly voice ” this could be you or me any given day.”” Never turn your nose up or a blind eye at someone in need” She reared my sister and I up in this way. A simple smile would literally make my mothers day, after she had done wonderful deeds of the heart, expecting nothing in return, but a blessing for her to continue on.

      As her daughter, I remember visiting rehabilitation centers and hospitals and seeing so many lonely people, it had truly saddened my heart. I would sometimes pick random people and spark a conversation, literally their eyes would light up and smiles would come forth from something so simple, some things we take for granted, CONVERSATION, COMPANIONSHIP and SMALL GESTURES of LOVE.    

      Infusing a mother’s love with a small act of kindness “Carrie” a rose to a Mother was born. I want to be able to show, forgotten and abandoned mothers, we care. In life we become so busy being parents to our own children, while living  in different states from our mothers, we dont get the chance to sit and really talk face to face to see the spark in their eyes or see the weary crows feet, from a hearty laugh . And for others, we would give ANYTHING to be able to see that smile again. 

       “Carrie” a rose to a mother is a mission set up to make sure Mothers on  Mother’s Day around the world, feel appreciated on this day/ weekend!!! 

P.S. Please donate what you can put a smile on a Mother’s face

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